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Having used Case

This post will help you understand how to use ‘having’ in a sentence. Having is a present participle of have and can be used for different purposes.

The word having can be used in the following ways in English:

  1. As a main verb
  2. As a gerund
  3. As a perfect participle

Let’s understand all the uses of having one by one in detail.

use of having
use of having

1. ‘Having’ as a main verb

One of the most common uses of having is to use it as a main verb. As a main verb, it means the following:

  1. Eat
  2. Drink
  3. Face/experience
  4. carry/keep
  5. Do
  6. Receive
  7. Causative verb

HAVING = eat

  • She is eating pasta.
  • She is having pasta.
  • I was eating dinner when you called.
  • I was having dinner when you called.

HAVING = drink

  • He was drinking soup in his room.
  • He was having soup in his room.
  • Aarushi was drinking vodka in the meeting.
  • Aarushi was having vodka in the meeting.

HAVING = face/experience

  • We are having a good time.
  • I was having some financial problems.
  • I am having fun.

The verb ‘having’ here means that the subject is experiencing or going through a particular situation.


  • We did not have food with us.
  • I am not having cash on me.
  • He was having some bags.

Here, the verb ‘having’ means the subject is in the possession of something at the time of speaking.

HAVING = carry/keep

  • We are having a party tonight.
  • I am not having cash on me.
  • He was having some bags.

HAVING = receive

  • We are having some guests come over in the evening.
  • I am not having anyone to play chess with me tonight.
  • We will be having some people from her office.

NOTE: ‘having’ here does not literally mean to receive as you receive a gift or a delivery. If you are having some people over, they are coming to your place for something, usually for a meal like dinner or to drink, watch TV and enjoy.

HAVING as a causative verb

Have as a causative verb means to ask or instruct someone to do something.


  • have my sister clean my room.
  • We will have Jon contact you and help you with this project.
  • My father had me pick up some people from a station.

When the verb ‘have’ is in the continuous form, it indicates that someone is making someone do something, not by forcing though. But the action is going on.


  • I am having Aarushi cut my hair. (= Aarushi is cutting my hair.)
  • We are having the car fixed. (= Someone is fixing our car, and we are watching over.)

2. Having as a gerund

Having can be used as a gerund in a gerund phrase. A gerund can render any of the meanings that it gives as a main verb.


  • Having this party at his place can be risky. (do)
  • I enjoy having black coffee after workout. (drink)
  • Having a positive attitude is important. (keep)

3. In a perfect partriciple phrase

A perfect participle phrase indicates an action that occurred in the past. It is used to modify the main verb in the main clause.

Structurehaving + past participle + object/modifier


  • Having been fired from the jobshe started looking for a new job.


After she got fired from the job, she started looking for a new job.
= she started looking for a new job after she got fired.

  • Having paid banned in most cities, the movie did not do well.

Alternative: The movie did not do well as it was banned in most cities.

4. HAVING to do something

The phrase ‘having to do something’ might sound odd to some ears. But it is used to refer to an activity that is going on for a limited time because of a requirement or a need.


  • Because of the promise I made her, I am having to do all of this.

The action is in progress and will be stopped soon. We are using the progressive form as the speaker is doing the action. If it was a general requirement or obligation, we would use the verb ‘have’ there: I have to do all of this.

Here, the action is most probably not taking place, and it is a general requirement or oligation. You boss might have given this responsibility. It is a part of your job now. You will have to follow this instruction unless your boss asks you to stop doing this. But the continuous form indicates that the action is in progress and the action will be stopped soon.

  • His cook is not coming to work today. Therefore, he is having to prepare food for everyone in the family.
  • We are having to take extra classes today because of the absence of some staff.

We are having to take extra classes today because of the absence of some staff.
(The action is going on)

We have to take extra classes today because of the absence of some staff.
(The action is probably not going on)

5HAVING said that…

This is a common phrase used to introduce something that contradicts what you have said earlier. It is a perfect participle phrase.

Meaning: despite what one just have said or in spite of that


  • She is always calm and composed. Having said that, she got furious when I called her doodoo.
  • The exam is going to be tougher this time. But having said that, you can still get good grades.
  • Your performance has been remarkable. Having said that, we still think you can get better in some areas.
  • He hasn’t been doing well lately. Having said that, I think he still can be a great asset to our team.
  • This car is extremely expensive. Having said that, I would love to buy it some day.

NOTE: we can also use the phrases ‘that being said’ and ‘that said’ to mean the same.

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What is JS statements?

So let’s talk about JS Statement

In Computer Programming the list of instructions is to be executed. In JavaScript, those lists of instructions are called statements.


Tailwind CSS

The first approach I want to make code in is my favorite VS code editor. But I need Workspace for some settings so that the global environment will not be modified . Because I need it only for my Tailwind CSS project.

For that purpose, VS Code gives us a workspace .vscode folder in that folder we need to create a settings.json file where we will add all of our modifications.

When we start making code to CSS file look like:

@tailwind base;

@tailwind components;

@tailwind utilities;

it produces errors. To skip the error need to disable the default CSS validator.


Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that helps developers do CSS code without naming convention headaches.

For adding tailwind CSS framework feature to your products . There are some prequataties as you need 12.3.0 above the version of Node .

There are 4 different steps you can add tailwind CSS to your project. Today we will start with npm.


npm install -D tailwindcss

npx tailwindcss init


To execute the second line of code to initialize the tailwind.config.js  you can create the file manually.

There needs to directory for adding and also seeing the output in tailwind CSS.

One   input/tailwind.css file

Second  output/tailwind.cdd file

In input tailwind CSS file need to add directive to tailwind layer. And the main file must add CSS tailwind output/tailwind file link through CSS link.


npx tailwind -i ./input/tailwind.css -o ./output/tailwind.css –watch

Execute the above code in your terminal.





Your tailwind CSS work perfectly.



WordPress theme Development CSS format how we can use header of format in CSS header

Theme Name: Twenty Twenty
Theme URI:
Author: the WordPress team
Author URI:
Description: Our default theme for 2020 is designed to take full advantage of the flexibility of the block editor. Organizations and businesses have the ability to create dynamic landing pages with endless layouts using the group and column blocks. The centered content column and fine-tuned typography also makes it perfect for traditional blogs. Complete editor styles give you a good idea of what your content will look like, even before you publish. You can give your site a personal touch by changing the background colors and the accent color in the Customizer. The colors of all elements on your site are automatically calculated based on the colors you pick, ensuring a high, accessible color contrast for your visitors.
Tags: blog, one-column, custom-background, custom-colors, custom-logo, custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, footer-widgets, full-width-template, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready, block-styles, wide-blocks, accessibility-ready
Version: 1.3
Requires at least: 5.0
Tested up to: 5.4
Requires PHP: 7.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Text Domain: twentytwenty
This theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL.
Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you've learned with others.


  • Theme Name:  Name of the theme
  • Theme URI:  The URL of the Public Webpage where users get more information about the theme.
  • Author:  Theme Name of the Individual Or Organization who developed the theme. Using the theme Author’s username is recommended.
  • Author URI:  The URL of the authoring Individual Or organization.
  • Description: A short description of the theme.
  • Version: The Version Of the theme. Written in X.X or X.X.X format.
  • Required at least: The oldest main WordPress Version of the theme will work. Written in X.X format.Theme is only Required Supported last three versions.
  • Tested up to:  The last main WordPress version theme has been tested up  i.o 5.6 .Written only the number in X.X format.
  • Requires PHP:  The Oldest Versoin of the PHP supported in X.X format. Only number.
  • License:  The license of the theme.
  • License URL: The URl of the theme License.
  • Text Domain: The String used for the text domain for translation.
  • Tags: Words or Pharase that allow users to find the theme using the tag filter.
  • Domain Path: Used so that WordPress Know where to find the translation when the theme is disabled.Default ./languages